Software Solutions for Travel and Hospitality

Nowadays traveling has become an important part of life for many people as planning tours has now become easy due to the expansion of digital platforms and hence, emerged growth of tourism adaptation has been realized in recent years. Customers seek digital platforms that can provide interactive, informative, and high-quality digital experiences. We provide all latest APIs and analytics that specifically built for lowering down the human intervention in travel industries.

Our software solution consists of a centralized system that allows B2B and B2C travel portals to manage hotels, agencies, customers, etc. in a secure and simpler way. This dynamic synchronization between B2B and B2C portal ultimately helps the customer to access data in real-time.

Our popular integrations on centralized travel system
  • Accommodation Management System: This system provides extensive information about room availability in hotels based on rating, price, location, etc.
  • Car Rental and Hire: This system facilitates the user to book or hire vehicles from their pick up and drop off locations. Filter option also enables them to sort out date's availability, rates, car models, etc.
  • B2B Partners: Acess list of agencies with name, location, accounts, commissions, etc.
  • Agent Management: Manage and maintain agencies, their quotation details, season-based price listings, markup, etc.
  • Booking Management System: Manage bookings, cancellations, payments, privacy policy, refunds, etc.
  • Mobile Apps: Offering Mobile App to customers to help them to perform a cashless transaction. Booking hotels, car rentals, and ticket will become handy.
  • Booking Engines: We create booking engines for your business that let customers book their flight tickets, hotels, holiday package, etc. at a very competitive price from a wide range of options. Our APIs are faster and very responsive. By using the right tools and industry insights, it provides real-time data for various booking options. thus make booking easy and convenient.

Restaurant Management System

Gone are the days when pen and paper were the viable things for managing restaurant orders. With the arrival of advanced Restaurant POS systems and mobile apps, restaurants are managing their orders more efficiently these days. Our software solutions for managing Restaurant is automated and offers an integrated view of restaurant work process right from managing kitchen and bars to the handling of product reports and payments.

Our Software Solutions for Managing Restaurants consists of following features:
  • Menus with photos and descriptions
  • Inventory Management
  • Integrated Payment System for transacting various payment methods like Cash, Cheque, Credit Cards, UPI, etc.
  • Discount Management System for specific or non-specific customers.
  • Delivery order processing
  • Customers info and Products Reports
  • Payment Management

Hotel Management System

Online platform for managing hotel is as much prominent as managing a restaurant. With a combination of the latest managing techniques and technology, we offer hotel management software that makes daily task management and staff operational handy and efficient. With the use of our hotel management software, property businesses can manage their workflow process more effectively than the traditional management system. It can generate statistics, manage customer life cycle, conduct events, and other work programs in a simpler way. Creating a powerful managing system provides daily insights that will help to find the right market opportunities and build a strong customer relationship.

Integrated Managing Tools for Hotel Management System:
  • Booking Management: Booking management facilitates reservation management team access to bookings which can be filtered based on customers, groups of customers, and other organized groups.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Conducting promotional campaigns, managing database as per guest requirement, sharing and replying to customer reviews in social media, etc.
  • Social Media Management: Listing business information as plotted on social media channels, interacting with customers in real-time, introducing the latest offers through social media paid campaigns, replying to customer queries online, etc.
  • Mobile Apps: Manage day to day business tasks such as occupancy report, events on calendar, social media reports, promotional offers thorough mobile app.

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