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It is not a hidden fact that the customer behavior of shopping is vastly transforming. Instead of visiting shops for several hours and making payments, people are directly exploring the online shopping platform and performing instant purchasing actions. Thus, it has become important for the brand and retail owners to increase their product's visibility on the internet by creating e-commerce websites, apps, and software.

We at brightcode offering e-commerce software solutions to help retailers for managing inventory, sales, data consistency, and visibility challenges. Adapting eCommerce software services not only helps you obtain customer's thorough insights but also leads to increase sales and overall growth of the business.

What we offer :

1. Custom Software Design for Retailer

We have a team of talented developers and analysts with years of experience in understanding business processing. We design custom software design that meets your requirement and abolish your pain areas going on with your business. Our software solution for retailers covers a wide range of solutions such as POS systems, Customer Integration Systems, Consumer Analytics, etc.

2. Custom Ecommerce Website

Over the years, we have designed various e-commerce platform which is highly interactive, scalable, and ready to adapt a huge customer base. We integrate all major features required in an e-commerce website to attract customers towards your products including shipping, inventory management, and payment solutions.

Features we integrate on Custome e-commerce web applications:

  • Ecommerce Store: We provide a user-friendly rich e-commerce system for B2B or B2C businesses which helps to create branding, increasing online sales, and customer engagement.
  • Product Management: With the help of our powerful product management system, retailers can build an impressive catalog display for their products which includes images, pricing, and description of products.
  • Custom Cart: We design shopping carts that are easy to manage and effectively smooth and fast for adding and manipulating products.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: We provide a highly secure payment gateway within an e-commerce platform to allow customers to perform faster and easy transactions.
  • Shipping: Our shipping solution enables retailers and users to track, manage, and centralize their products effortlessly.
  • AI Chatbots: It is very difficult to perform manual chats with multiple random users who visited the site at the same and that's what AI Chatbots will do for you.
3. Mobile Apps:

We design and develop mobile apps for e-commerce, POS, and inventory management to facilitate customers as well as retail staff to take quicker and better decisions on one go.

Building mobile app increases the possibilities to engage audiences with high conversion flows as they are simple to use and more convenient. We at brightcode intends to deliver high-quality premium looking e-commerce mobile apps capable of delivering amazing customer experience and secure transactions.

Our Specialization in making Engaging App for E-commerce Enterprises:

  • Captivating UI: Choosing perfect fit UI developers to create your mobile app interactively creative, and engaging is the main objective. Our developers are highly skilled and have created a unique mobile app for various eCommerce industries, which are spread across different parts of India.
  • Easy to interact: We implement rich-features, vibrant elements, and super-easy navigation to make your app highly appealing and let customers explore, navigate, and transact in a more effortless way.
  • Strong Backend: We use analytical tools and architecture to create a systematic, logical, and goal-oriented backend system for the apps.
  • Secure Transactions: We integrate a highly secure payment system in apps that capable of performing easy transactions in all leading ways.

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