White Hat SEO Service


We offer SEO service for the business with proven strategies to escalate your business organically to the top on search engine pages. We at Bright Code Services Pvt. Ltd. offer you the best SEO Service in Ranchi that provides a cutting edge technology supported, process-oriented, latest algorithm-based approach towards the project. Our SEO doesn’t include any unethical ways to gain rankings for our Clientele. We directly start from website audit, analyze your competitors over search engine pages, and implement an On-Page strategy that includes content management, meta tag arrangement, schema markup, and many other things. In order to improve the domain authority of your website, we generate high-quality backlinks from high DA sites. Our aim is to drive organic traffic to your business website by using white-hat SEO practices that will keep you a long-time racer on a competitive track.

Here are the key benefits you can expect from your business after implementing SEO strategies with Brightcode Software Services Pvt Ltd.

  • Top Rank in Search Engine Pages: Around 60 % of the users using google search query visit only the first three results of the Google page and ignore the rest. With a result-driven SEO strategy, we will help you to rank on the top three results of search engine pages.
  • Increase Traffic and Conversion: Getting top rank in search engine pages with the most searched keywords ultimately brings a large flow of traffic and conversion for your website.
  • Bring Revenue for Local Business: Most of the businesses are searched from mobile devices and most of them are local visitors. Local visitors are more likely to get convert and bring revenue for your business. With a Local SEO strategy, we will help you to discover your business in local searches as well.
  • Beat Competitors: SEO rankings never remain constant unless you are not working on SEO strategies regularly. We keep an eye on the latest and ongoing google algorithm to keep you stay ahead of your competitor.
  • Improves Business Recognition: With paid ads and a quality content approach we can make your business popular among your potential customers.
  • Build Trustworthy Customers: Continuing SEO strategies for a long period of time also helps to build trustworthy customers as customers only search those sites which they find more often on search.

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