Construction Management Software for Civil Engineer & Contractor

Construction works such as building of roads, bridges and dams are complex and requires rigorous detailed planning for players of construction industries like Civil Engineers and Contractors to execute tasks perfectly. Apart from this, a concern of controlling expense within budget is the general cause of every project manager who has undertaken the projects. Project Management solution has now become a vital tool for construction companies to manage day-to-day monitoring of expenses and workflow process executed against the targets and budgets for each project. Similarly, Brightcode Software Services Pvt. Ltd. offers all-in-one, sophisticated, and easy-to-use business software to neutralize the overheads and burden of construction businesses that deal in road building, dams and other big projects.

Construction Management Software by Brightcode is an integrated system composed of advanced enterprises resource planning, project management, and flawless accounting features that not only help to improve the efficiency of construction operations but also effectively manages the expenses within the budget. We at Brightcode having years of experience in designing and developing Construction Management software such as CRM and ERP with advanced built features that enables construction companies to manage certain tasks like accounting, payroll, service management, inspection and inventories with great efficacy. Our Construction Management Software composed of all-in-one features that empower project managers and contractors to perform multiple tasks for different enterprises with a fast response time.

Benefits of Using Construction Management Software
  • Hassle-Free Project Management: With the use of our construction management software, project managers and contractors can perform their management tasks such as accounting, payroll, service operations, and financial management under unified platform.
  • Reduces Paperwork: It’s a very tedious approach to maintain records through paper works and chances of data loss even with rigorous handling are not acceptable by any company. Our Construction Management Software incorporates a cloud-based database where all records can be saved and accessed securely.
  • Mobility: Our construction software supports mobile platform as well where all fieldwork and reporting can be accessed remotely by laborers, crew members, and technicians.
  • Forecasting: Initiating work based on historical performance reports, identifying the anticipation of actions such as drilling down, critical support details, etc.
  • Proper Coordination: No more often phone calls to follow up about construction progress. By plotting progress reports on a regular basis, project managers can effectively coordinate with employees and other field workers to execute the project within a specified deadline.

Features Integrated with Brightcode Construction Management Software

We design all in one ERP and CRM tool for Construction Management Software that can be accessible by different departments of construction team. Following are features that being incorporated in our Construction Management Software:

  • Construction Accounting: Our construction ERP system provides accounting functionality that designed with enterprise-class level and robust technology that eligible to meet all financial management challenges faced by Civil Engineers and Contractors. Different types of accounting work such as purchase orders, submittals, billings, and daily reports can be processed effectively with our construction accounting software.
  • Labor Management: It’s a quite difficult task for administrator to maintain and manage the work reports and payroll of employees. With our advanced labor management system, contractors and project managers will be able to keep an eye on every worker’s activities, manage their expenses and execute deploying salary accordingly.
  • Project Management: Construction Project Managers play a vital role in managing and executing projects within profitable margins. Any obstacle that escalates the cost of the project gives the anxiety to project managers. A proper project management system can thoroughly supervise project managers to forecast the project obstacles which can be sorted out at its earliest.
  • Inspection Management: With our automated inspection management system, contractors can inspect all their business processes with less paper approach. Brightcode offers an integrated inspection management system in its construction management software that can handle inspections reports right from field to office.

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