Pay-Per-Click or PPC

Brightcode Software Service Pvt. Ltd. offers PPC campaigns that can beat your competitors without undergoing the tedious approach of waiting for organic leads. Paid campaigns help you to reach your website top on the Google page within a couple of minutes of submission. We help you to showcase your products and services to intentional buyers in desired locations through Google ads and Social Media paid campaigns such as Facebook ads.

We analyze your business, its potential audiences based on demographics, behavior, and interests and create paid campaigns to deliver maximum ROI (Return on Investment) out of it. Here are some popular Google paid campaigns we already created for our clients.

1. Search ads: In this ad campaign, we promote your product and services in the search results with the most demanding search query keywords. No matters where your targeted audiences are, searches can be narrowed down to desired geographical areas.

2. Google Display Network: This type of ad platform let you advertise your business across different websites and mobile apps through display banners.

3. Youtube Ads: As Youtube has been owned by Google itself, it allows your advertising videos to run across different youtube videos to potential users.

4. Call Extension Ads: This ad type is recommended for businesses that facilitate door-step service. This ad extension highlights your business number on the top list of Googles so that customer can contact directly if they need service from your business.

Facebook Ads Creation Management

Our team is proficient in creating highly engaging Facebook ad campaigns and following are ads campaign we running effectively for our clients:

  1. Lead Generation: This type of campaign is utilized to collect contact numbers and other info of interested clients. You can be able to contact directly to your potential customers after collecting their info through lead generation.
  2. Boost a Post: Products or services with great discount deserves to be get known by targeted audiences. Boosting your post will help you to get the maximum reach of people whom you want to target.
  3. Boost Instagram post: If your Facebook page is directly linked with your Instagram page, then you can able to run your ads throughout Instagram also.
  4. Promote Your Page: This FB ad type will help you to promote your Fb page to your target audiences in desired geographical areas. This helps people to understand your business comprehensively.
  5. Website Visitors: If your business having a website and not yet explored by your targeted audiences, this campaign will be great to attract visitors to your website.

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