Six Key Benefits of CRM in Travel Industry

Posted Date - 2021/10/09

With an increase of internet devices and tools, it has now become easier for people to book holiday packages effortlessly with one go. It has become challenging for many travel agencies to establish an effective sales pipeline for generating productive results for their businesses. With result-oriented marketing and sales strategy approach with addition of right travel agency CRM, one can be able to attract more leads and improve sales for their business. 

Here are some steps through which travel agencies can maximize their revenue with CRM technology:

Collect Data from all communication channels: Relying on a single communication channel for customer interaction is not enough for today’s business growth. Nowadays, travelers use various platforms to communicate with your brand. These include Search Engines, Chatbots, Texting, Phone calls, Social media, Email, etc. By collecting customer data from these entire channels, you can attain 360-degree view of every customer who interacts with your brand. 

Analytics empathize customer’s behavior: With the use of customer data extracted from various communication channels enables CRM to make maximum utilization of analytics software to identify your potential customers based on demographics and social characteristics. This creates opportunities for your sales to make informed decisions and corrective action in the future.

Distributed travel recommendations: Travel package is something that customer choose carefully and do not want to rely upon a one-size-fits travel package. With diverse travel package recommendations, you will be facilitating them to opt for the best travel package that fits their personal preferences. Your CRM software will help them to provide a more personalized experience through manipulated data.

Automated Reminder: Customers appreciate it when travel advisors really taking care of their journey. An Automated Reminder feature in CRM allows you to set schedule auto-reminders for your customers and sales team. 

Responsive Customer Support: CRM software for travel provides an effective processed data management system that helps your representative to extract your customer data with ease of access and respond to their inquiries quickly. This not only improves the performance of your customer support team but also builds trust in the customer’s perceptiveness regarding the services your agency provides.

Special Offer for Old customers: With the help of CRM software, you can extract deep details on customer’s travel history. While analyzing their previous travel records, you can provide them customized offers that perfectly fit their preferences. Offering rewards or special discounts to loyal customers is the best practice to improve customer retention and brand value.

Considering these six benefits of Travel CRM for your travel agency can boost your business growth effortlessly. 

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