Importance of HR Management System

Posted Date - 2021/10/09

HR Management system is effective software for managing employees' time and attendance. It has been developed after extensive research and study into market requirements. It enables HR teams to save 30 minutes every day, which effectively gives them a ten-fold return on investment.

Our HR Management Software helps you to create an organizational hierarchy and effectively divides the workflow between them. It personalizes the home page and sets the form and report for each user level. With the help of designer, employee and search engine tool, it can generate HR Information System Reports effectively.

Features of HR Management software

1. Attendance management: HR Management Software is easily completed with a biometric device, smartphone, webcam or in-software login for attendance recording. This enables users to define OT or additional working hours according to individual company policy. It empowers HR to set strict guidelines for rules for late arrival, early departure, absence and regularization.

2. Quit management: Allow HRMS employees to apply for leave in one click. Managers can apply for holidays via mail or via smartphone. You can prepare all your holiday policies regarding easy information and procedures of employees in your HRMS.

3. Payroll management: The software creates an automated loan-EMI calculator with the help of formula builders. It configures several bank statement formats and PayPal formats. It takes care of salary, full and final settlement and other fiscal related tasks in a relatively short period of time.

4. Recruitment management: It provides software that facilitates a comprehensive manpower budget. It analyzes HR workflow and responds to what employees need. It integrates directly with job searching websites and downloading CVs and uploading required details.

HR Software Pricing 

HR Management Software has flexible pricing that depends on factors like User-Oriented Customization, Size of Operations. Request a call and their sales specialist team will contact you as soon as possible. Many software companies have a demo service available for interested users, which can be obtained on call requests.

What are the benefits of HR Management software?

Benefits of HR Management software include Strong Growth - End-to-end automation helps you grow your business, full visibility enables quick and smart decision making. Improved management - ensures access anytime anywhere, supports regulatory compliance, enables delegation and controls, improves cost savings - no capital expenditure. Only the minimum operating expenses, start with what you want and as you grow. Maintenance-free - technology upgrades and data, a dramatic reduction in the recurrence of IT costs. Profitability enhances visibility and ensures optimal utilization of materials. machinery and manpower maximize opportunities, minimizes business cycle time, optimizes working capital. Due to low investment and minimum implementation time, companies can start benefiting from HR Management software in very little time. 

Is HR Management software too expensive?

The option of running your own IT department is extremely expensive. HRM on Demand software typically comes in traditional ERP without infrastructure costs, technical resource costs, AMC and other hidden costs. The customer pays a nominal membership to avail the service. Therefore, HR Management software provides high predictability and is very inexpensive.

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